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Product list

  • Amphenol 2M Micro-Miniature Connectors

    Description:Amphenol 2M micro-miniature connectors are fully-guaranteed to be intermateable with Glenair® Mighty Mouse micro-miniature connectors. The 2M Series is a light-weight, micro-miniature circular connector option for mil-spec performance that can withstand harsh environments. Amphenol’s micro-miniature 2M series meets D38999 specifications for vibration and shielding, offering better performance than Mighty Mouse. These connectors are perfect for aviation, military communications, and UAV applications. They are quick-mating and a variety of styles are available. For full product details on Amphenol 2M Series connectors, please see our specifications below .

  • Amphenol PowerLok Connector

    Description:PEI-Genesis offers Amphenol PowerLok connectors. These compact, robust circular Amphenol PowerLok connectors feature the latest in RADSOK® contact technology, making them suitable for applications up to 1000V ranging from 70A-500A. RADSOK® socket and contact construction creates ideal pressure over a larger portion of the mating surface for lower contact resistance. In addition to a reliable RADSOK® connection, this Amphenol PowerLok series also comes equipped with a secondary lock to prevent unintentional disconnect. Amphenol PowerLok connectors are RoHS compliant, scoop-proof, and seal to IP67 when mated. Amphenol PowerLok connectors are ideal for use in power distribution and energy storage, as well as applications in electric and hybrid electric vehicles. For more information please contact: David Lee Business Development Manager Mob: +886 966 526 317

  • Amphenol SurLok Plus™ Compression Lugs

    Description:FIELD INSTALLABLE COMPRESSION LUGS Amphenol's SurLok Plus™ are IP67 rated, touch-proof and RoHS compliant compression lugs that features the latest in R4 RADSOK® contact technology. RADSOK® socket and contact construction creates ideal pressure over a larger portion of the mating surface. This force creates low contact resistance, resulting in high current rating and ampacity in a smaller package than standard bolt-on compression lugs (50% ampacity boost over mil-spec contacts). SurLok Plus™ lugs also eliminate the need for specialized torque wrenches for termination, instead allowing for use of standard crimp, screw, and busbar options. Amphenol SurLok Plus™ compression lugs are a great option for any application that requires the use of high current cables where ¡¨plug and play¡¨ flexibility is a must. They are an ideal choice for the Medical, Mass Transit/Rail, Process Control/Automation and Heavy Equipment fields.

  • Amphenol ePower-Lite Connectors

    Description:PLASTIC POWER CONNECTORS FOR HYBRID ELECTRIC VEHICLES Amphenol’s ePower-Lite connectors are an excellent solution for hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) applications. They are a lightweight interconnect option that will help save on space, with a robust plastic shell that can withstand temperatures up to 125°C. The use of Amphenol's RADSOK® technology in the design enables higher amperage, lower T-rise and voltage drop, and less resistance. ePower-Lite connectors are waterproof to IP67 standards and are built to last a minimum of 100 mating cycles. 2-pole, 3-pole and 4-pole options are available.

  • Arkona Offshore wind farm

    Description:Arkona Offshore wind farm




    Description:fastening cables and wires in bundle.

  • CT50 Horizontal Liferail System

    Description:CT50 Horizontal Liferail System is intended to apply to collective fall protection system.

  • CT60 Horizontal Lifeline System

    Description:The CT60 System can be used as fall arrest, fall protect and work restraint system, which gives the workers the full freedom of movement. The main purpose of the CT60 System is to eliminate or reduce the risk of falling, injury, or death that may occur when the user is working at height.

  • CT70 Vertical Lifeline System

    Description:The CT70 Vertical Lifeline System is suitable for erection on the left and right sides of the climbing ladder. In case of a fall, it can instantly engage and produce a braking function. The impact energy can offset the damage and reduce the damage. It is corrosion-resistant and impact-resistant.

  • Cable Glands

    Description:Weather resistant & Flame Retardant Free open tooling for your own cable O.D.

  • Corrosion Resistance Chain Block

    Description:The Subsea Chain Block-SS20 is manufactured from the highest quality steel materials precisely machined in our own factory, offering a lightweight, compact and rugged construction, producing an exceptionally strong product resistant to impact damage. The especially low headroom allows for easy installation in the most restricted environments. The unique design features listed below give it significant safety advantages over standard chain blocks and make the SS20 chain block the ideal tool for saltwater use with low maintenance and servicing costs. • Suitable for use in multi-immersion applications • DNV GL Verification tested according to NORSOK R-002 • Range from 500kg – 20000kg • Patented Quad Cam Pawl System • Fully Corrosion protected body and components to ensure reliable long- term use • Over 1500 hours protection to ASTM B117 conditions • Corrosion protected load and hand chain • Double cover protection for brake chamber • Marine chain bags available on request

  • Energy Storage - Peak Load Cutting

    Description:※ By charging during the off-peak electricity rates at night, the power stored can be utilized during peak hours to improve terminal power efficiency. ※ The PCS will adjust ineffective factors and provide reactive power compensation to reduce the power consumption. ※ Resolve the problem of electricity frequency fluctuation and the power shortage or outage. ※ It can be the emergency backup power when the power grid has a breakdown condition suddenly. ※ Corporations can save a large amount of UPS investment.

  • Energy Storage System Container

    Description:※ Adopt modularized structure, with flexible system capacity configuration. ※ Standard container, turnkey system. ※ Intelligent battery management, with local EMS. ※ Support other micro-source connection, to achieve intelligent and management of the system. ※ Outdoor IP55 protection level. ※ Dustproof, waterproof and anti-corrosion. ※ The battery compartment adopts constant temperature design, so that the battery works in the optimal temperature environment. ※ Adopt intelligent fire protection system, with the function of self-extinguishing. ※ With the function of intelligent sound and light alarm and remote uploading, the security level is high.

  • Fixed Jaw Heavy Duty Beam Clamp with Shackle

    Description:Range from 1t to 30, quick and versatile rigging point for hoisting equipment , UP to 90∘side loading with no deration, 15 cross loading with no deration. Highly flexible for lifting, pulling or as a semi-permanent anchor point. Beam width range 75-457mm. These units meet and exceed all the requirements within BS EN 13155:2003+A2:2009 and AS4991

  • General Energy-Management Systems (GEMS)

    Description:Earn the spread by controlling accurately and Peak Load Cutting. With intelligent power consumption management, it can reduce power consumption regarding the actual demands to take start-stop control of electrical appliances. Through intelligent operation, big data analysis to realize unmanned on duty in the grid station. It can reduce the cost of maintenance and operation and improve system efficiency.

  • Great Golden

    Description:Up to 400 amps of throughput in a robust, fixed modular housing, designed for battery power and other high power applications. • Fixed-length modular connector for ultra-high power applications • An extreme power connector capable of up to 200 amps per contact • Select one of five different modules for each of the four insert positions • Busbar options available • Superior blind mating • Robust housing stands up to abusive Hot swap

  • Home Energy Storage System

    Description:1. At night, the battery energy is exhausted, it shall buy electricity from the mains supply for the load. 2. In the morning, PVenergy is weak, adopt PV and mains supply power supply for the load at the same time. 3. At noon, the solar light is strong, PV energy is enough for household use, and excessive energy is used for charging. 4. If dark clouds suddenly appear, causing a sudden drop of PV energy, not enough for household use, thus the battery discharges for supplement. 5. After the dark clouds disappear,excessive PV energy continues to charge the battery. 6. After the battery is fully charged in the afternoon, the excessive PV energy will connected to the power grid. 7.When the sun sets in the evening, the PV energy disappears, thus the battery discharges for household load.

  • Industrial Materials


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