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Energy Taiwan-News List-Energy Taiwan 2020 Concludes with Visitor Growth by 14.6%, Marking Historic High


Energy Taiwan 2020 Concludes with Visitor Growth by 14.6%, Marking Historic High

  • Online Date: 2020/10/22
  • Modify Date: 2020/10/22

This year, despite the impacts of the ongoing pandemic, Energy Taiwan still drew a total of 130 participating exhibitors as government policies and growing domestic demand continue to boost the renewable energy industry. A total of 500 booths were set up, attracting more than 13,000 buyers from related industries visiting over the course of the 3-day exhibition, displaying a 14.6% growth in visitor numbers compared with the previous year and marking a historic high.

TSEC Solar, one of Taiwan's most iconic producers of solar cells and modules and the spotlight of the show at exhibitions throughout the years, not only displayed its bestselling solar module this year but also unveiled for the first time its dual-sided module featuring a transparent back plate and next-gen large-scale battery energy storage system, attracting the inquiries of many domestic buyers. TSEC also stated that it will continue to invest in domestic operations as it is committed to being based in Taiwan. This year's exhibition not only drew masses of professional domestic buyers, but also sparked inquiries from multiple investment agencies, aptly demonstrating promising overall prospects for Taiwan's photovoltaic industry.

Swancor Renewable Energy (SRE), Taiwan's first off-shore wind power developer to achieve commercial operations, stated that in addition to Formosa I, first site to commence commercial operations in Taiwan, and Formosa II, for which construction is expected to be completed in 2021, it will be launching Formosa 4, a large-scale development project with total installed capacity of 4.4GW, in the offshore waters of Miaoli, and that it is the company's goal to strengthen the domestic supply chain and sustain continuous regional green energy development by undertaking local large-scale projects of this magnitude. Aside from increasing brand visibility by taking part in the exhibition, SRE furthermore hopes to reach out to outstanding individuals aiming to join the renewable energy industry.

A series of special online events were held at this year's exhibition, including 49 "online procurement meetings" through which 22 Taiwanese manufacturers communicated with 16 buyers from 13 countries and regions including Poland, Spain, Bulgaria, ASEAN nations, and the Middle East, enabling our domestic enterprises to explore overseas opportunities unconstrained by time and space. 20 "Live Tours" of new products unveiled at the exhibition were also conducted to elaborate in detail product specifications and technologies utilized, while the all-English interviews enabled international buyers to gain first-hand information on products.

Although construction work for renewable energy across the world has slowed considerably due to the impact of the ongoing pandemic, Taiwan's domestic market for green energy infrastructure has continued to flourish due to the nation's timely response and appropriate approaches to epidemic prevention, contributing to the creation of an environment in which Taiwanese vendors can flex their muscles in preparation of future business opportunities that will arise once the epidemic subsides.

Energy Taiwan, where the best resources for PV solar, wind power and smart energy storage technologies can be found, will be taking place from October 27 to 29, 2021 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. It is expected to create a new map of the renewable energy industry.

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