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Energy Taiwan-Exhibitor Manual


Exhibitor Manual

  • Online Date: 2020/06/04
  • Modify Date: 2020/07/17

Energy Taiwan 2020 Exhibitor Manual

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Page No.

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I. Checklist

2. Venue

3. Booth Setup/Dismantling and Exhibits Move-in & Move-out Hours

4. During Show Days

5. Booth Setup & Facilities

6. Electricity and Water/Drainage Installation

7. Exhibitor Badges (Apply Online)

8. International Visitor's Badge (Apply Online)

9. Application for Temporary Import

10. Application and Liability for Promotional Balloon

11. Application for Wall Television / Sound System Setup

12. Application for Construction of Second-Story Booth

13. Application for Construction of Booths Exceeding 4 Meters

14. Forklift Service

15. Online Promotions

16. Showground Facilities & Services (Subject to change without notice)

17. Floor Cleaning

18. Telephone Rentals and ADSL

19. Free WLAN Service

20. Security and Insurance

21. Travel Arrangements

22. Personal Information Protection

23. Terms and Regulations for Participation



Form 1-1 Standard Booth Application Form

Form 1-2 Additional Order From

Form 2 Electricity & Water / Drainage Requirements

Form 3-1 Construction Guidelines for 2-Story Booth

Form 3-2 Application for Construction of 2-Story Booth

Form 3-3 Confirmation of 2-Story Booth Design

Form 4-1 Construction Guidelines for Booth Exceeding 4 Meters

Form 4-2 Application for Construction Guidelines for Booth Exceeding 4 Meters

Form 4-3 Confirmation of Construction Guidelines for Booth Exceeding 4 Meters

Form 5-1 Booth Construction Assurance

Form 5-2 Safety and Hwalth Temrs Agreement

Form 6-1 Regulations Regarding Use of the Promotional Balloon

Form 6-2 Promotional Balloon Application and Liability Form

Form 7 Wall Television/Sound System Setup

Form 8 Importation of Exhibits on a Bonded Basis

Form 9 Commercial Invoice & Packing List