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  • Online Date: 2020/06/05
  • Modify Date: 2020/09/22

 Energy Taiwan Media Partners


《離岸風電 Wind TAIWAN》 covers the aspects including industry dynamics, R&D/technology, policy analysis, and global trends. The reports compose with rigorous and academic attitudes, elaborate the offshore industry in Taiwan, for readers to comprehend the current situation and learn from other countries. The technology, industry, policy, society, and culture innovate in every second, we should see where we stand in this progress. What it really matters is what we leave behind: the seed of possibility.

ivendor technology alliance provides products registration, merchandise consultation, companies and business image building, technology information publishing and related services.  It collects vast amount of suppliers and business partners’ information, and attracts vast volume of technology and manufacturing industry demanders to engage in information exchange.

PV-Tech 每日光伏新闻 is the number one source for in-depth and up-to-the-minute news and articles on the solar PV supply chain internationally. With six full-time editors based in Europe and North America, PV-Tech provides the most authoritative news, the busiest blog and proprietary product reviews to keep solar professionals informed round the clock. The website attracts more than 180,000 visits monthly (Google Analytics, May. 2012) and geographically the top 10 largest audiences are drawn from the USA, China, Germany, UK, Taiwan, India, Japan, Canada, South Korea and the France.


SUN & WIND ENERGY (hereinafter referred to as SWE) is one of the authoritative journal in the renewable field. German version of the SWE was founded in 1974, it has been 37 years of history. The English version SWE was founded in 2003, so far there are 11 years old. Our Press is a stable, powerful publishers. Thus, compared to other magazines that we have more sales channels, a larger audience, more strength.


Energy Trend is the leading website on green news, renewable energy and research to business market globally since 2010 and is dedicated to provide market intelligence and to deliver the most accurate price information on green/renewable energy industry. Energy Trend is also a global market research firm that has an insightful analysis in the scope of solar, battery, electric vehicles and the related applications.




Since its initial publication in 2008, pv magazine has evolved into the top international magazine for solar decision makers and is now leading the global solar media market.

The media portfolio from pv magazine rounds off its comprehensive digital range with the daily newsletter and the most current news on


Asia's Largest CleanTech Media with our operations currently in APAC, SAARC and MENA region with credentials of organizing close to 500 World Class Conferences, Digital Events, Business Meets, Certified Trainings, Awards, Industry Publications White Papers, Thought Leadership Campaigns, in the Clean Energy Sector. Some of the media brands we own include as below who will be also involved in this initiative to leverage our strength from the entire clean energy space:

  • SolarQuarter
  • Wind Insider
  • EMobility+
  • EnergyStorage Pro


PHOTON Publishing GmbH is the largest publisher worldwide in the field of solar electricity production.

PHOTON's monthly publications cover the solar world as no other publication does - with in-depth, independently researched articles written by our own staff of editors from around the world.

Headquartered in Germany since 1996, we are the most renowned and completely independent solar magazine publisher dedicated to applying a critical approach to journalism. There is a strict separation between our editorial teams and advertising department to ensure a journalistic environment free of the influences of public relations. Our independent reporting is exactly what appeals to our readers.

At PHOTON Laboratory we are constantly testing and certificating PV modules, PV inverters and other PV equipment by very high testing standards over short and long periods. Near our headquarters in Aachen Germany we are maintaining the world largest PV long-term outdoor test field.

PHOTON Academy organizes seminars and high-level conferences; and last but not least the PHOTON group also encloses a company consultancy firm with PHOTON Consulting LLC.



Solar Canada

The Canadian solar energy market is growing rapidly.

Provincial governments and consumers are focusing more on renewable energy in an effort to lower greenhouse gases and utilize more affordable sources of energy.

Solar Canada Conference & Exposition 2015 will provide an excellent platform to connect with industry professionals and enter this growing market.


ASIA TODAY is a premier online media platform that enables event organizers, marketers, corporate communicators, PR & IR professionals to leverage content to engage with their key audiences.

Founded in 2008, ASIA TODAY provides solutions to produce, optimize and target content, then distribute content, and measure results across digital, mobile and social channels. ASIA TODAY distributes content via sites, e-newsletters, mobile apps, and social media to viewers, subscribers and clients all over the world. Access Asia's News & Events at ASIA TODAY Portal

Global Solar & Alternative Energies

Global Solar & Alternative Energies, with its focus on project development, systems installation, installation and module and cell manufacturing, as well as wind, hydro and other alternative energies, delivers to industry professionals across the globe. No other magazine in the solar/PV manufacturing and alternative energies industry offers this kind of exposure for your advertisements, news releases and technical content.

Global Solar & Alternative Energies has made a commitment to providing readers with quality content and advertisers with quality readers. Our new Call Centers are strategically placed around the globe to ensure that the magazine is viewed by those in the photovoltaics, solar and alternative energies industries who have real buying power. Global Solar & Alternative Energies can be accessed with a computer, smart phone or tablet. Global Solar & Alternative Energies is advertised in our daily newsletter, and is accessible from our website and the iTunes App Store and Android Marketplace.


PES publishes two industry-leading magazines in three key world markets. Focussing on the burgeoning solar/PV and wind power arenas, each is specifically targeted to cover all the issues relevant to North America, Europe and Asia.

Every single issue is packed with incisive comment, interviews with leading industry figures, in-depth features, reportage, exclusive previews of essential exhibitions and conferences, and all the latest news.

Solar + Power

SOLAR + POWER Management – Serving the global value chain of the PV industry

Governments around the world have reviewed their renewable energy policies and many are changing the level of support directed towards renewable energies. Companies know they need to continually reduce the overall process to ensure the next stage of industry growth, which will see full grid parity and solar move towards becoming a mainstream option for energy production. This next stage of market growth will test the patience of the entire value chain with tight margins and constant pressure to reduce costs.

Solar + Power Management Magazine provides the knowledge from technology, industry, government across the entire photovoltaic value chain to enable companies to create competitive advantage. Distributed throughout Europe, USA, Asia and MENA region with over 47,000 copies both print and digital. Also organisers of the prestigious Solar + Power Awards running for 8 years and recognizes international Solar Industry with its achievements.


EQ Int'l Magazine is India's Premiere Solar & Renewable Energy Magazine Since 2009 having a print run of 15000 Copies, Readership of 75000. EQ's Digital presence is unparalleled with its Magazine read by over 100,000 professionals in Digital Format (On Browser of PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smart Phone etc...). Its unrivalled daily e Newsletter and most visited website has lakhs of viewers and visitors daily.

EQ Int'l Magazine which is selected by Industry's Top Brands as its exclusive Brand Carrier, Industry's Top Professionals on its Editorial Advisory Board, Unique Content, Info-graphical design & layout makes it the most popular & referred publication. Following are some more distinctive advantages.

Content Based Marketing through focused & engaging content in its Magazine (Print & Digital), Daily eNewsletter, Website

  • Unique Info-graphics & Concepts such as EQ Solar Map of India

  • Focused & Premier Conferences

  • Magazine which is not just a trade journal but distributed to big consumers of power, high tax payers, HNI's and read by professionals in sectors such as Cement, Steel, Automobile, FMCG, Paper, Pharma, Hospitals, Hospitality, Food Processing, Commercial Establishments, Realty, Textiles, Defence, Finance & Baking etc...

  • Participation & Distribution in Major National & International Expo's & Conferences

  • Soon planning Product reviews, surveys, comparisons etc...

  • We are constantly striving to upgrade our content and focus and move closer to Industry's Needs, Requirements and increasing our circulation, distribution and reach. Aiming for increasing the magazine circulation and frequency in 2016.